The Mission 

The Hippie Fertilizing Mission! We want the best for our customers and our planet. It’s really that simple. However, the means to get there is a little more complex. We want beautiful lawns and we want something safe for our children and pets. There is so much info out there on lawn fertilizing and pest treatment that is based on poor practices.  They often lead to poor results.  Especially considering we expose ourselves to serious hazards. Are we really trying to salt the earth and spray chemicals everywhere that contribute to health problems for us and our pets?  I really don’t think that's our goal as a collective. 


Hippie Fertilizing is here to help share accurate information on practices that work! What works? Feeding the soil first! Working with mother nature. Using quality soil food and amendments that promote soil health and plant health on a biological level! Our mission is to help everyone to have a beautiful lawn that’s safe for all life forms,(except chinch bugs) from the good bacteria and fungi that we don’t see working for us in our lawns and landscapes to the bees, butterflies and lizards, to what really matters most. Our families, our children, our pets. To me, our community and environment as a whole is all connected.  So we are very excited when people choose organic products to improve their lawns and keep it healthy. Especially when they choose Hippie Fertilizing! 


Every time we make a choice, what other choices are we also making? For everything we do and even what we choose not to do. What do I mean? When we choose a natural approach we choose not to use chemicals. When we choose weed and feed and other chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides  we choose not to support a healthier environment.  We choose to support environmental degradation and eutrophication.  We choose to expose our families to unnecessary hazards. Why? Often it’s simply because we didn’t know there was a better option. Hippie Fertilizing is here to change that!  Every time you choose Hippie Fertilizing you are choosing to support soil biology, you are choosing to make a safer choice for your family and our community.  And most importantly you are choosing to truly help support a happier healthier environment as a whole. I love what I do and ultimately I just want to share it with you. 


Our Vision

We are here to support one thing! Soil Biology. In doing so we support the health of you, your family and your pets.  Not to mention the environment.  We have two rules! 

Rule 1: We don't put down anything that doesn't support soil biology. 

Rule 2:  We don't put down anything we can't touch with our bare hands

What kind of results do we get?

We have learned what it takes to make southern lawns thrive.  It starts with healthy soil.  In the south Houston area we have hard packed clay soils that prevent plants and water from getting deep into the soil.  Here AJ applies Hippie Juice and other natural fertilizers to a lawn and just look at the difference in just 17 days.