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More about Supporting Soil Biology for your Lawn and Trees! 


Want to dig a little deeeper into how we improve your lawn through Supporting Soil Biology? 

Here we will go more in depth on our approach to Lawn and Tree Fertilizing. 

First a better breakdown of terms and definitions for fertilizers and amendments. 


Our favorite, Bio Inoculant:

Microbial Inoculants, amendments that use beneficial  rhizosphereic and or endophytic microbes to promote plant health! This includes both bacteria and fungi that we add to our liquid application to increase bioavailability of nutrients to plants as well as act as a natural protection to pests and diseases.

A common bacteria added is Bacillus Subtilis, it colonizes around the rhizosphere {area around the root} to help absorb nutrients and protect the plant from pathogens. Mycorrhizal Fungus: Forms a symbiotic relationship between the plant and fungi increasing water and nutrient uptake for the plant and the plant in turn feeds the fungi carbohydrates in the form of exudates produced from photosynthesis.

The list of good bacteria, fungi and their benefits are long! 

We like to start here because it's so critical to plant and soil health yet it's often the most overlooked and under-discussed.


Next in line is, Bio Stimulant:


Any substance or microorganism applied to plants with the aim to enhance nutrient efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance.

Examples of bio stimulates we use are Humic Acids, Seaweed Extracts,Amino Acids and Sugars! 

Humic Acid: Complex molecules that exist naturally in soils, peats, oceans and fresh waters. Most that are used in agriculture are mined from Leonardite Ore. Benefits include increased microbial activity, water retention, and improved soil structure. 

Seaweed Extract: Comes from sea kelp. Benefits include, aiding in chlorophyll production, stimulating root growth, delivering small amounts of nitrogen and adding a wide range of trace elements. 

Amino Acids: 


Want to start feeding your lawn the Hippie way?

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