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Hippie Blend 19-1-2 Fertilizer

Looking for a deep green lawn that's thick and lush? 

Hippie Blend 19-1-2 fertilizer feeds your lawn and soil better than any other product on the market!

Hippie Blend19-1-2  How it works!

Hippie Blend 19-1-2 Fertilizer is a hybrid blend of natural and synthetic slow-release fertilizers designed to keep your lawn and soil healthy in the Texas heat. It contains a special blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to provide essential nutrients for healthy grass growth. The slow-release formula ensures a steady supply of nutrients to your lawn and soil over time, so you can be sure that your lawn and soil are being well nourished. With its natural formulation, Hippie Blend 19-1-2 Fertilizer is a safe and effective choice for your Texas lawn care needs.

Hippie Blend 19-1-2 Fertilizer
Hippie Blend 19-1-2 Fertilizer_edited.png

Soil Conditioner 8-2-4

This Texas Fertilizer is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to improve the health of their lawns. It contains all the essential nutrients and minerals needed to make your grass grow healthier and stronger. It's almost like lawn restoration in a bag - you'll see improved growth, a greener lawn, and thicker grass in no time at all. Plus, it's made with organic ingredients that are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment. Get the best Texas Fertilizer and make your lawn look its best.

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