Hippie Juice!

What is Hippie Juice?

    Hippie Juice is our very own soil stimulating lawn spray. It working by supporting soil biology and adding nutrients and minerals to the soil in an available form to plants and soil microbes.


    What's in Hippie Juice that makes it so awesome? Two simple ingredients, Molasses and Humic Acid!

Why molasses?

       Molasses is excellent for soil and lawns for a few reasons.  Molasses has sugar, sugar is a great food source for soil microbes. Feed soil microbes and they reproduce to make more microbes meaning you have more little tiny workers doing amazing jobs for your lawn. 

       Molasses is also loaded with minerals such as iron, potassium , calcium, magnesium , and more. Also these minerals play vital roles in growing healthy grass such as cell development, root growth, nutrient transportation and more! 

Why Humic Acid?

       Humic Acid is a unique soil conditioner used as a bio-catalyst and bio-stimulant. Humic Acids are also a natural source of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.  

    The benefits abound in the simple yet complex substance that is derived from Leonardite Ore.  These benefits include: increasing water holding capacity, chelate nutrient compounds, physically and biologically improving soil structure!