Hippie Lawn Restoration

What is in the lawn restoration package?

Enriched Topsoil Blend 

   Enriched topsoil is a  Game Changer     for lawns that need serious help. The topsoil blend we use is a mix of sand, organic matter and topsoil.

   By adding a layer of enriched topsoil to your lawn, it will give the grass something great to grow into and improve overall soil structure while adding a long-term source of nutrients and minerals!

Hippie Juice is something that definitely sets us apart from ANY competition out there! Hippie Juice is an amazing soil stimulant that feeds soil microbes, adds plant-available nutrients and minerals, and encourages root growth. How? Hippie Juice is made of two main ingredients: Molasses and Humic Acid. Yup we use lots of molasses. Each batch of Hippie Juice is approximately 50 gallons...it's not the quantity of the mix it's all about the Concentration!  

Organic Fertilizer

Quality Organic Fertilizer! So much more than just N(nitrogen P(phosphorus) K(potassium).

We use the very best to add even more soil biology supporting goodness from rich potassium humates, to bio inoculation, to adding good bacteria and fungi which in return helps colonize around roots to protect and feed your lawn the way nature intended!

We use a special blend these days so some info we are keeping a secret!