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Are you tired of Fighting Weeds, Pests & Diseases while not getting good results?

 Do you Want a Healthy Vibrant Green Lawn?


With Hippie Fertilizing we work hard to find ways to promote a healthy green lawn by Supporting Soil Biology while improving soil structure through natural means that will increase the resilience of your lawn to Heat, Cold, Pest & Diseases.

Becoming A Monthly Fertilizing Customer means your Lawn will receive a couple of Granular Applications throughout the Year, as well as A reoccurring Monthly Spray Application of our Hippie Juice filled w/ different variances for the entire Lawn & Trees.

Additional Benefits also includes recommendations on watering schedule updates and improved pest management through early detection as most lawn pest issues are simple to take care of, like sod webworms and brown patch,  something like Chinch Bugs are a bit more difficult! Through proper diagnosis and EARLY treatment allows me to manage them before they get out of Hand!


ALL Treatments will be completed w/ A variety of different Organic Fertilizer's, Soil Conditioners, & Biological Inoculates to promote your Lawn's immune system and encourage deep Healthy Roots! 


Hippie Fertilizing has your Lawn Care Health Solution!


We promise to ALWAYS get Down w/ The SSB (Supporting Soil Biology), Do You?!