Super Lawn Care Tips

Want to know what REALLY WORKS?!

At Hippie Fertilizing we know a Thing or 2 about Successful Lawn Care!

Let us help you overcome some common lawn care myths w/ our TOP 5 top Tips to ensure you have a Stellar Lawn ALL Year Long!

How high should we mow the lawn?

We put this first on the list because most lawns are cut too short. Most of us in the Houston to Galveston area have St Augustine grass. The optimum height for this variety is a minimum of 4 inches tall. This will prevent stress from drought, pests, and diseases simply by mowing a little higher.   As I like to say grass is like a hippie it likes to be high!

Lawn Fertilizing, What should I use?

How often should I water the lawn?

It is often thought that when in doubt water, water, and water some more. This is simply not true. We encourage our customers to water about every two weeks. When you do water the lawn you want the ground to be completely saturated and squishy. Then leave it alone as long as you can. This will encourage deeper root growth which will dramatically reduce your watering schedule and enhance the beauty of your lawn.

What should I do about the weeds?

This is where our passion shines. We believe in supporting soil biology to allow nature to do a lot of the work for us. Most common fertilizers are high in salt content and have sources of nitrogen that are not so great for the lawn. We encourage everyone to go organic with products like Micro Life Ultimate an Lady Bug 8-2-4. These products will feed the soil first and allow the soil to feed the lawn. You may think it cost more in reality it cost much less. Organic products will not burn the lawn, they require less water, and help prevent pests and diseases by essentially building the soils immune system. Save time, money, and lots of water by going organic.

What should we about pests in the lawn?

Yes we know weeds are not a favorable part of the lawn however killing them often causes more problems. Herbicides are nasty for us and the environment. When you use herbicides we are using products that kill soil biology thus harming the lawn even more than the weeds. When we harm the soil we are creating an environment better for more weeds than grass.  Mowing at the recommended 4 inches will choke out most weeds.

We are often put into fear mode about pest control. We get it some bugs are just not so awesome. Most bugs on the other-hand have many benefits and should be left alone. There is one bug that even we don't like at all and that is the destructive chinch bug.  There are a few pest control products that we recommend, Eco Smart, Eco Logic, Neem Oil, and Orange Oil. When using orange oil the most care is needed. It works wonders but too much can destroy every thing fast. Use only a couple ounces per gallon of water and always test a small area first.