Hippie Juice, the best liquid lawn fertilizing application in town! What is Hippie Juice? Hippie Juice is a blend of quality fertilizers, biostimulants and bio inoculate combined to stimulate soil biology, encourage plant growth and help increase stress tolerance for your turf. 

Topdressing is the game and Hippie Fertilizing is the name! Why do we topdress lawns? Lawn Topdressing adds compost, organic matter and sand to your turf. The benefits are naturally aerating soil, increased moisture and nutrient retention and building a great home for good microbes that encourage root growth and nutrient uptake. 


Granular Fertilizer, The Hippie Fertilizing way, What's the difference? We use high quality slow release nitrogen along with other macro and micro nutrients to help build a healthy green turf that reduces risk or burn and promotes soil biology. 


These three services combined equal our Hippie Lawn Restoration Package a turn key service that will help bring back your lawn from the brink of utter destruction often eliminating the need for sod installation.

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