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Organic Lawn Care Services

The Hippie Juice 

Hippy Juice is an organic, natural fertilizer designed to boost soil biology year-round and stimulate healthy growth in trees, shrubs, and lawns. The minerals in Hippie Juice are available in a chelated form and promote root growth as well. Contains no hazardous chemicals and is safe for children and pets. 


Support Soil Biology


Makes Grass Greener

Stimulates Photosynthesis 

Helps Neutralize Soil Toxins

Helps Lower Salt Content in Soil

Improves Soil Structure

No Chemicals 

Feeds Good Bacteria for Growth

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Hippie Juice

One Time Application 

You won't find a better liquid lawn fertilizer anywhere else than Hippie Juice. A blend of quality liquid fertilizers, bio stimulants and bio inoculates, Hippie Juice stimulates soil biology, encourages plant growth, and improves turf's resistance to stress. 

Hippie Juice

Plus Granular 

For a healthy, green turf that reduces burn risks and promotes soil biology, we use high-quality slow-release nitrogen along with other macro and micro nutrients. Juice up your grass like a hippie. 


Hippie       Lawn Care

Plans and Services

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Lawn Top Dressing


Topdressing is done using the highest quality soil mixes available. By adding soil aggregates such as sand, silt, organic matter, and carbon to your lawn, Hippie Fertilizing can improve its soil structure. For greater saturation, we can enhance moisture retention and permeability during irrigation and rain. In addition to improving soil nutrient retention, topdressing facilitates plant nutrient uptake as well. 

Lawn Restoration Package

Hippie Juice Plus + Lawn Topdressing

The Lawn Restoration Package is our #1 service for a lawn in need! 

With Soil for the Lawn Topdressing combined with Our Proprietary Hippie Juice and Fertilizer we have a 3 step process that will speed up lawn recovery faster and healthier than any other service on the market!

Are you ready to restore your lawn? 

Simply click the link below to order. 

Lawn Leveling

It is essential to have a level yard to have a stable outdoor landscape and lush green grass. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid serious damage and costly foundation repairs. Hippie Fertilizing uses mason sand for this application as it is the best way to level the lawn with porous materiel to add microbes and nutrients to the speed up recovery of your lawn. 

Let Us Create a Lawn Care Plan That is Right for You.

Affordable Bi-monthly (once every 2 months) rates start at just $129.00 per service. Get started today!

Tree Health

With Hippie Fertilizing small tree treatments, you can boost your trees' health by removing mulch volcanoes and adding compost. We add our Hippie Juice formula to trees to achieve better nutrient uptake and to make them more resistant to heat and cold.

Tree Health.jpg

Tree Fertilizing

As with the small tree health improvement service, this service is carried out at a larger scale to have a greater impact on larger trees to help maintain the health and strength of larger trees throughout the year.

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