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The Hippie Lawn Restoration Package! 

Don't resod. Restore your lawn! 

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Before Lawn Restoration Package

After Lawn Restoration Package


Step 1 Organic Fertilizer

Step 1:  Organic Fertilizer! 


Fertilizer that feeds the lawn through the power of Soil Biology. 

What this means, The fertilizers what we use for this step include one of the following 

Our very own Hippie Green Up Blend 18-1-2 , The Low Dose 8-2-4 or most commonly used for this process is MicroLife Humates Plus. 


The reason for which fertilizer we choose is going to depend on severity of lawn damage and time of year. The timing for the success is important as The Hippie Green Up Blend 18-1-2 is best during spring due to temperature and growing season benefits.  This blend is loaded with 4 different nitrogen sources that rely on temperature and microbial activity to release nutrients and nitrogen to your turf in a way that will green up the lawn and support healthy new growth like no other product on the market! 


The Hippie Blend Low Dose 8-2-4  is great for early summer as its peak growing season with higher temperatures with lower nitrogen rates, a little more sugars and soil foods than 18-1-2  with more protein based nitrogen from feather meal for a slow release with a powerful microbial impact on your lawns soil biology. 


The MicroLife Humates Plus is for fall and winter application as it’s the most packed with soil stimulating food and microbes that will assist in biological activity and growth even during the cooler months. MicroLife Humates Plus is also our go to option for the most extreme lawn restoration to help correct and rebuild soil for your turf. 

Hippie Green Up Blend 18-1-2

Step 2

Lawn Topdressing


Step 2 

The Lawn Topdressing 

Also known as Compost Topdressing 

We use a compost rich soil blend with organic matter, sand and silt to help improve the overall structure of the soil in your lawn. 


This helps with moisture and nutrients retention in the soil and nutrient uptake in the turf.


With added organic matter in the soil this will also improve watering efficiency during summer months when heat and drought has the most impact on our lawn and watering bill. 


A lawn topdressing help reduce compaction even better than a core aeration!


Step 3 Hippie Juice Bio Stimulant

Step 3:  Hippie Juice Bio Stimulant 


The Final step in the 1,2,3 punch to get your lawn on the road to recovery is our Hippie Juice Bio Stimulant liquid application. 

Our Hippie Juice application helps to super charge the first two steps by feeding to microbes in the fertilizer, topdressing mix and your existing soil. 

Using molasses, humic acid, and seaweed to feed everything and speed up nutrient release. Its like increasing the soil and plant metabolism. 

In simple terms the molasses is for sugars and micronutrients, the humic acid is for nutrient chelation and seaweed for plant and root hormone stimulation. All working together to help grow healthy grass in healthy soil! 

Hippie Juice Bio Stimulant

Lawn Restoration and Lawn Leveling 

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