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Our proprietary Hippie Juice works on lawns, trees, and shrubs. Boost soil biology and stimulates healthy growth. When is the best time for hippie juice? All year long.

Hippie Juice not only adds minerals in an available chelated form but also encourages root growth.

Other benefits include:

  • Greens up grass
  • Stimulates plants ability to make food through photosynthesis
  • Helps neutralize soil toxins
  • Helps lower salt content in soil
  • Helps improve soil structure and porosity means the lawn can absorb more water and has better oxygen flow through topsoil
  • Excellent alternative to chemical fertilizer
  • Chelates minerals in soil making the available to plants
  • Feeds nitrogen fixing bacteria which helps microbes make more food for plants and other microbes

One of the best benefits, in our opinion, is that our product is safe to use around children and pets! Restore your lawn while still being able to have outdoor family time!

Application Rates:

Foliar spraying: 2–4 oz per gal of water, or by 1,000 sq ft; 8–12 oz mixed with sufficient water.

Foliar: Re-apply every 2–12 weeks depending on needs. Spray to the point of heavy drip.

As a root stimulation or soil drench: 2–4 oz per gal of water. Soak roots well.

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