Are your Weeds bugging you?

We get phone calls all the time on how to fix the lawn, how to kill weeds, how to treat for bugs. The best answer in most cases is, Don't! That's right don't treat for weeds, just feed the lawn. Don't pre treat for bugs just feed the lawn, don't apply massive amounts of chemicals to try and defeat and destroy the problem. Just feed the lawn. Why? When you focus on killing something in the lawn there is often unintentional consequences. Herbicides kill plants, your lawn is a huge collective of plants. Fungicides and pesticides are also focused on killing things. Yes at times these might be necessary. Chinch bugs are my biggest culprit. But often we over do it and cause long term lawn damage that is costly to repair. So let's focus this year on what we really want, a beautiful, healthy, green lawn! How do we achieve great results without the unintended consequences? Just feed the lawn! That's what Hippie Fertilizing is all about. Safe, natural

lawn Fertilizing that focuses on what you really want. A beautiful thick healthy green turn. Check out our results, check out our reviews and let us help you this year with your lawn!


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