Spring Fertilizing Things to Consider.

With spring right around the corner the fertilizer is about to be spreading everywhere by everyone! So here are a few things to consider when choosing the right fertilizer.

#1, Is the fertilizer you are choosing supporting long term healthy growth? Yes I know we want green grass and a thick turf but is your fertilizer feeding soil or just stimulating rapid growth?

#2, Is your fertilizer choice safe? Pets are often most at risk for skin irritation and allergy problems caused by harmful chemicals in common fertilizer and herbicide products. It's bad for us and our environment too!

#3 Is it actually a fertilizer or an herbicide with a fertilizer carrier? Weed and feed products make bold promises and often don't deliver because your not really putting down a fertilizer as much as "selective" herbicide. Why does this matter? Herbicides are synthetic plant hormones designed to KILL plants. How can we apply plant killer and expect other plants to perform well? Let me tell you it often doesn't work.

#4 Something to consider with fertilizers, how much do you need to water right away? If you are using a chemical fertilizer and have to water tons and tons to prevent burning you may just want to avoid it all together. Organic fertilizers also need lots of water to work really well however if you get busy or forget they will not burn the lawn. The other side of this is, chemical fertilizers leach out and have a negative impact on our waterways often in the form of EUTROPHICATION. Organic fertilizers to not do this. They are true slow release because they need to be metabolised by soil microbes first!

#5 I have a rule in Hippie Fertilizing, if I can't touch a product with my bare hands I don't use it. I have seen great success by using organic fertilizers on lawns and they always follow my 2 rules, SAFE to the touch and SUPPORT SOIL BIOLOGY! Does your fertilizer do this? Are you sure? If it has high nitrogen numbers it's like not good for actual soil health and if it's a weed and feed it definitly doesn't follow these simple rules.

I hope this helps.

Remember #nobodyknowsgrasslikeahippie

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