Why Hippie Fertilizing?

We fix lawns fast!


Before you choose Hippie Fertilizing it's important to know what we do. 

We fix lawns... Fast! How do we fix lawns? We improve soil health and soil structure by adding quality soil, organic fertilizer, and our own proprietary soil stimulate we call Hippie Juice!

To us, the most important reason is WHY.  We want to provide superior service without the chemicals.

We have 2 rules at Hippie Fertilizing, all of our products must support soil biology, and be safe to touch with our bare hands. PERIOD!

Last but not least I truly love what I do! Making our community and our environment a healthier place is my passion. It is my hope that you will allow me to share my passion with you! 



Are you ready for a Healthy Hippie Lawn? 

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