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Bermuda Lawn
St. Augustine Grass 4 inches tall! = Healthy

What's up?! I'm AJ...


The Hippie in me is an Organic Lawn and Land Care Professional who works with home owners, and organizations to build and maintain healthy, safe, chemical free lawns naturally. I have a HUGE passion for soil regeneration as it applies to the care of lawns and pastures. To me, its all about Supporting Soil Biology! SSB BABY!!

Like my Beautiful Lucious GREEN & Healthy Lawns, my career has grown organically. I've worked in all aspects of the landscape industry which started out with me owning Aj’s Tree Care in 2015. I have been intrigued with Organic lawn care basically my entire life and have had a Love for our environment since I was young. After MANY years of putting nothing but sweat and tears into this baby of mine, Hippie Fertilizing has become my Passion. 

We have 2 rules at Hippie Fertilizing, All of our products we use must support soil biology, and they MUST be safe to touch with our bare hands!! PERIOD.

You may have found my website because your lawn is struggling and you are not sure where to begin to create a thriving lawn. 

Well my friend, you are in the right place!

I create custom organic lawn care plans based on the existing conditions of your lawn with just one Hippie Organic Lawn Care Estimate!

There are many reasons your lawn isn't all you want it to be. I will identify those reasons for you and compose an integrated plan to get your turf on its way to better health without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers.  I can promise you, when you turn your lawn into a Healthy Hippie Lawn, it will be become a kid-safe and pet-safe recreational area for your family and friends.

Lawn Restoration in Progress




Lawn Restoration in League City Tx
Lawn Restoration in Pearland Tx, 
Heavy Chemical Damage

Hippie Lawn Care Service's Include:

Hippie Organic Lawn estimate

1. Take a Photo standing directly in front of Grass you want treated  (front, back or both depending on what your looking at treating) send all photos to hippiefertilizing@gmail.com

Hippie fertilizing organic lawn care SIMPLICITY

Our plan is simple! We stick to feeding your soil!! Each Lawn is different, they all have their own set of problems. But feeding the soil remains the same. 


diy organic hippie programs 

Enjoy working on your own Lawn?! We'll design a custom lawn care protocol and get you set up with the materials you need!

The rest is up to you!! :) 

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