Molasses For Your Grasses

What is Molasses?

Molasses- The thick, dark brown syrup you might buy at the grocery store, is found naturally in sugar beet and sugar cane plants and is a co-product of sugar refining. During the refining process, it is separated from the sugar crystals by spinning the sugar in a centrifuge. The first spin produces light molasses, while later spins produce darker molasses

Now are you wondering why I would be talking about Molasses in Lawn Care?

Well if you didn't know, Plain ole Molasses is actually AMAZING for your Lawn!! Yes you heard that right, Let me explain...

If you know anything about Hippie Fertilizing then you might know I like to keep things SIMPLE & SAFE. Molasses does just that for feeding the lawn, your flowerbeds, your vegetable gardens, and basically your entire landscape.