Organic Lawn Care 101: What It Is & Why You Need It?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

A beautifully landscaped lush green lawn is a sight to behold. It increases the curb appeal and adds value to your home while providing you with the perfect place to relax and unwind in the open air. No wonder there are presently over 63,000 square miles of lawn in the US. That's around the same size as Texas!

However, the trouble with having the perfect lawn is that it can be costly to both you and the environment. Americans spend a lot of money on seed, sod, and chemicals – roughly $40 billion per year. Much of that money goes to items that appear to benefit grass but actually damage the soil, pollute any water they come into contact with, and extend significant health risks to humans, their pets, and any wildlife in the region.

The good news is that people's attitudes regarding conventional fertilizers and pesticides are changing. Today, more and more homeowners are opting for organic lawn care services, which are not only eco-friendly but also less expensive. Read on to learn what organic lawn care entails and why it is the perfect alternative to conventional lawn care practices.

What Is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care refers to eco-friendly lawn management practices that eliminate the need for chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, organic ingredients are utilized to manage weeds and fertilize your grass. Compared to standard synthetic chemical-based lawn care procedures and products, organic lawn care provides several benefits.

Is Organic Lawn Care the Right Option for You?

Wondering if organic lawn care can maintain your beautiful lawn? Well, there is no evidence that chemical-based synthetic care is better than organic care, so you can make the switch without worrying about the quality of care.

Moreover, organic lawn care offers tons of additional benefits as compared to traditional synthetic lawn care. Here is a list of top benefits that organic lawn care may provide for you, your lawn, the environment, and everyone around you.

  1. Provides a Safer Option for Families

All pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are hazardous to some extent. Children are particularly vulnerable to them as their bodies, and immune systems are still developing, and exposure to harmful chemicals can have immediate and long-term consequences for their health.

According to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, nitrate, a major component of synthetic fertilizer, can disrupt the endocrine, immunological, and nervous systems. Fortunately, organic lawn care eliminates such risks. It is completely safe for everyone.

  1. Offers Non-Toxic Solutions for Pets

Synthetic chemicals are equally harmful to your pets and other animals. Here, it is essential to understand that ingestion is not the only way chemicals harm animals. Many times, harmful chemicals cover the fur of animals wandering around on a recently treated lawn.

These chemicals then seep through their skin and cause certain skin and respiratory problems. Therefore, if you have pets who could be exposed to dangerous chemicals, using organic care is the responsible thing to do.

  1. Improves Root Growth

Organic lawn care encourages the growth of a strong root system. Organically fed lawns grow naturally and become more durable since they are not dependent on synthetic fertilizers. Organic lawn care ingredients gradually release phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen into the grassroots, which absorb them in little amounts over time. As a result, roots become more fibrous, resulting in a more attractive lawn.

When the local climate is affected by drought or an unexpected pest invasion, a deep, robust root system makes your grass more resilient. It also aids in the quicker recovery of a lawn once it has been damaged.

  1. Minimizes Water and Soil Pollution

It's vital to remember that whatever you use to irrigate your lawn eventually seeps into the groundwater. Consequently, synthetic chemical-based lawn care will harm the environment's water and soil over time, potentially affecting drinking water supplies in some locations.

Fortunately, using organic lawn care procedures, strategies, and substances can help you avoid this. Choosing organic lawn care services is one decision you won't regret if you want to reduce pollution in your surroundings and community.

  1. Replenishes Critical Nutrients in the Soil

Healthy lawns don't originate from chemicals – they come from nature. Chemical fertilizers deplete the vitality of your lawn and throw the natural ecosystem into disorder. Luckily, that's not the case with organic fertilizers. They differ significantly from conventional fertilizer and actually feed the microorganisms that make up your lawn's live components.

The microorganisms consume this food, digest it, and fertilize the lawn with natural fertilizers. This is the best fertilizer you can obtain because it's a part of the natural ecosystem and helps your lawn thrive.

  1. Relies on 100% Biodegradable Substances

Organic care, as the name implies, is made up of fully biodegradable substances. They will not hurt the environment or your lawn if you use them, and they will be totally absorbed into your soil's ecology and nutrient basis. As a result, you won't have to worry about pollution in your yard or grass.

  1. Improves the Lawn's Overall Health

Organic lawn care is comparable to a balanced human diet. Think of it this way: while a processed cereal might provide the USDA's daily recommended supply of Vitamin C, your body is much better off getting vitamins from real fruits like oranges. This is because nutrients in their original forms include inherent qualities such as antioxidants and fiber, which are lost during processing.

Lawn food, like human food, comes in a variety of nutritional levels, with organic lawn care providing the best "nutrition" of all. Organic lawn care will ensure that your grass stays healthy and fends off weeds naturally. It has also been shown to lower the danger of disease and pests in your lawn by naturally keeping it in balance.

  1. Helps Save Money

Organic lawn care is typically far less expensive than using synthetic chemical-based pesticides and chemicals. You will save money and possibly time but employing organic care methods may necessitate a little extra effort in some circumstances. Regardless, the money you save and the numerous other advantages you receive are definitely worth it.

Let's Go Organic!

 Lush green grass
Organically maintained lawn

As you can see, organic lawn care provides several advantages. It preserves microbial qualities and critical nutrients in your soil, resulting in a healthier and more attractive lawn. It is also good for your health and allows you to play your part in protecting the ecosystem and saving the planet.

If organic lawn care seems like something you can get behind, consult Hippie Fertilizing to receive the best organic lawn care services in League City, Texas. We only employ 100% safe and organic practices to maintain beautiful lawns. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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