So My Lawn Is Brown!!!

It's a statement I hear a lot. "my lawn is brown' or has brown patches or it's dying. There can be a few reasons for this. It may be brown patch, it may be chinch bugs, and my be sod web-worms! The most important part to treating a lawn is proper diagnosis of the problem. Most of these pest or disease issues can have a simple fix however throwing the book of treatments at a lawn and expecting full recovery is a painful mistake too many people make. At Hippie Fertilizing we find that the best solutions are often easy ones. How do you deal with chinch bugs? Simple blue dawn soap and water, how do you treat brown patch? Humates Plus, compost and a little molasses! How do you treat for sod web worms? Humates Plus , and quit mowing the lawn. Yes I mention Humates Plus a lot. Why? Because it works without causing harm to soil, or our family and pets. We always want to promote practices that are SAFE! Safe for Animals, Family and the Environment. In doing so we always promote supporting soil biology. SSB! After years of experience, trials, errors and many headaches it has become clear, keep it simple and more often than not you will see great results. Feed the lawn naturally and properly identify the problem before haphazard treatments.