Organic Lawn Care Services Include:



The Organic Lawn Fertilizing Granular Application and Hippie Juice!

Our fertilizing applications consist of organic fertilizers that are loaded with soil foods such as Mollasses, Humates, Seaweed and Bio Inoculants that help support soil biology, improve soil structure and feed your lawn and landscape. These fertilizers are designed to add nutrients, minerals and low amounts of nitrogen in a form that is truly slow release. Our fertilizers are now our own crafted blends such as our very own Super Soil Conditioner and Hippie Blends.  The Hippie Juice, is our liquid fertilizing application that is great for the lawn, trees, and flowerbeds. It's a simple safe solution that consists of Humic Acid,Seaweed and Molasses! 

The Lawn Topdressing!

The Lawn Topdressing is a simple yet highly effective way to improve soil structure and add minerals and nutrients to the lawn. We use primarily two types of soil blends for this service. My favorite is the flowerbed mix. Why the flowerbed mix? It is loaded with organic matter and sand almost like compost just a little more course. We've used compost in the past and did not see the added benefit vs the cost. Using the bedmix it allows us to keep our cost to you a little lower while providing great results. The second blend we like is the turf mix from EDS Landscape. The turf mix soil blend has sand, clay,silt and organic matter. It is a much heaver blend thus it is better for leveling a lawn while having the necessary components for improving soil structure and building a healthy thick turf.  Both of these soil blends help to replace and typically out perform a core aeration service.

Services We Don't Offer

We do our best to serve our customers’ organic lawn care needs, but there are some lawn and landscaping services we do not offer as part of our Hippie lawn care.

We do not offer:

  • Tick and mosquito control

  • Lawn mowing services

  • Gardening

  • Landscape design

  • Spring/Fall clean-ups


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We offer Hippie organic lawn care services to many cities and towns.

Although we are primarily based out of League City Tx, We also serve Friendswood,Pearland,Webster and the Clear Lake Area!Contact us to find out if you're in our service area and to learn more about our options for those living outside the area.